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Packaging University

Find out all about custom product boxes

Product Packaging: At its most basic, it contains your products. But it does much more than that. Your box represents you and your product on the retail shelf. It attracts consumers attention and reinforces your company’s brand. While product packaging represents many things, ultimately it is there to sell your product.

Custom printed box packaging is uniquely suited to retail sales. No other product packaging has the versatility to enhance and attract in so many ways like a printed box. This allows you to create unique packaging for your products. And creative retail packaging sells.

And don’t neglect marketing and branding!  Mastering these weapons allows you to conquer your competition.

You’re looking to sell your products. So go ahead, take a closer look at what makes custom packaging tick, and find out what you can do to make your printed product packaging more attractive, and profitable. 

Anatomy of a Box

The ins and outs of your product packaging.


  • PMS colors
    • If color consistency and vibrancy is important on your packaging, you might want to look at PMS colors …read more>
  • Barcodes
    • Barcodes don’t have to be an ugly blight on your printed packaging.  They can be quite creative and fun …read more>
  • Paperboard boxes and folding cartons
    • You need a product package that can withstand being filled, stacked, shipped, and handled – and this is before your customer sees it …read more>
  • Special die cuts
    • You want unique packaging?  Die cuts and box windows that exhibit product attributes such as color, designs, and scents in clever ways create interest …read more> 

Finishes and Textures

Creative elements to stand out.

Packaging University Test Charge

  • Embossing and foils
    1. These design elements add a new dimension, and elegance, to your custom made packaging …read more>
  • UV finishes
    1. UV coating is one of the more cost effective ways to enhance your custom merchandise packaging while increasing the perceived value of your product …read more>

Box Design Tips

Design your artwork for a quality print. 


Perception is everything in selling. The packaging you choose for your product, and the message you impart, will play a large part in how successful your product is. …read more>


Marketing and Branding

Success stories are more than a pretty package.



Digital Printed Packaging

Cost effective quality printing.


Our digital box runs go as low as 500 units, are printed on a thick 0.018” thick paper, and can be split into smaller runs. In addition, you can add spot gloss UV at no additional cost. This is an affordable way to make professional limited series packaging.…read more>


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