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Custom Boxes by Style

Everything begins here..... These are the classic folding carton box styles that have stood the test of time and define custom box packaging. From reverse tuck cartons and tuck top boxes to point of purchase displays, packaging sleeves, mailers and everything in between, you'll find it here.

It's no wonder--with all the design options and finishes available for a custom product box-- that printed folding carton boxes are the go-to product packaging for retail and industry.

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If you price your products to compete with competitors there’s no product differentiation in the eyes of the consumer - one product is as good as the next - and you’ll be competing for pennies. Instead, use your packaging to build the narrative of a premium product - and price your product accordingly. Consumers are conditioned to associate higher costs with higher-end products.

Building a quality brand

Create value by carefully constructing the narrative of a premium product through your packaging. Printed boxes are the retail product packaging of choice because there are so many ways to create and sell the perception you want your audience to see. If luxury is what you are selling, imply this message through words, graphics, packaging embellishments....and higher price points. You are defining the message you want consumers to see, increasing the perceived value of your product, and in the process building a trusted and familiar brand. Quality packaging simply underscores this message.

And this is where the payoff is

Consumers will look for and pay more to get the brand they know and like.


Retail is all about selling product. Cosmetic companies learned years ago that using the right product packaging resulted in higher sales, fatter profits, and increased brand awareness by increasing the perceived value of their product. In a sea of similar products you need to find a way to stand out. You do this by creating a narrative through your product packaging that will both attract, and define, how your audience sees your products.

Custom box packaging doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive

If your narrative is high quality, customize your printed packaging to reflect this. Keep designs simple and let your packaging imply the message. Elegant, creative product packaging attracts - a careful blend of colors, graphics and messaging sends the right signal to your audience, and in the process build a powerful brand.

Enhanced packaging attracts eyeballs....and sales

Use the different finishes available to custom boxes to your advantage. Adding soft touch, spot UV, or even embossing and metallic foils complements and adds dimension to your box design, costs pennies to add, and makes for attractive and unique product packaging. Captivating packaging coupled with the right message creates a narrative of your product in the consumer’s mind.....that of a quality, luxury product worth the extra money. This is brand building and is how cosmetics are pitched.


Consumers are not the only ones looking at your product packaging! Retailers want products that sell. With a limited amount of shelf space they have to decide what products they think will best increase profits. And it’s not necessarily the superior product; it will be the product that has a better shelf presence. This could be through:

  • superior product packaging
  • a well-liked brand
  • a unique product
  • fits a price point

You are competing against similar products for this coveted retail space, so your product needs to make the case to the retailer. The easiest to control of these four is your retail packaging.

Retail product packaging that attracts sells

This is true with consumers looking to buy….and the retailer who is evaluating whether your product is more engaging than what they currently have! The goal is to create retail packaging that piques their interest; if consumers don’t find your packaging tempting, they won’t pick it up, and it won’t sell.

Increase your opportunities by creating retail packaging that captivates

Retailers will reward you with better positioning, more in-store locations, and even pitch your products online or through direct mail to increase sales. This benefits you and the retailer.

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