Medical Marijuana Packaging


Legalizing marijuana means cannabis is no longer operating in the shadows. Because of the economic potential of this still emerging recreational and medical cannabis market, companies are scrambling to establish dominance in this new industry. For companies entering this new market there’s three things to consider:

Marijuana dispensaries are being flooded with cannabis products.
It’s a great time for dispensaries with the proliferation of similar 420 products to choose from, but not so much for manufacturers trying to gain a foothold.

Legalization has created a much larger, more diverse, and upscale clientele.
The 420 market has become much more segmented. How do you effectively reach these groups?

Recreational and medical marijuana adds another dimension to the market.
Similar markets, different strategies.


It’s difficult trying to hit all the niches in the cannabis market effectively. But what you can do is create a cannabis brand that transcends the fractured nature of the market. Let your 420 brand be the key to opening the door to sales. Branding is how the public perceives your company, and positive branding is key to sales and profit.

Apple is one of the most successful brands on the planet, and their branding message is “Think Different!”. Thinking different implies being creative, unique, innovative, smart and clever; they have been so successful in selling this message that Apple has turned this phrase into a lifestyle brand for legions of its followers. Apple underscores this message in everything they do from marketing and advertising, to product packaging, and even company culture! And the power of its brand allows them to command premium pricing for their products, and drive sales.


Increasing a product’s perceived value through its printed packaging is a powerful way to influence consumers product perceptions. It’s a tactic Apple uses to great advantage. Their printed boxes are quite minimalist; quiet, clean designs with plenty of white space, and simple UV matte finishes giving their product boxes an elegant, sophisticated look that fits well with their “Think Different” branding, and these qualities transfer to their products. And if you don’t think printed box packaging influences perceptions, think about Apple’s products arriving in a plain, unprinted box labeled with the product name. Not the same experience.

Like Apple, use your printed box packaging to infer that the premium product inside is worth the money. If consumers perceive your CBD concentrates, tinctures, vapes and other 420 products this way, you’ve positioned your cannabis products above the competition – and this is what sells products and builds brands.

We work with manufacturers to create product packaging that is specifically designed to increase the perceived value of products. Please ask us how we can help increase your product sales.

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With a sea of cannabis competitors biting your heels at every turn, how do you get your marijuana products to stand out from the crowd? ...Custom Printed Boxes... They attract attention, add sophistication, and increase your cannabis products' perceived value.

Printed box packaging for cannabis products - your product is natural, shouldn't your packaging be also?

Find out how our printed boxes set your 420 products apart from the crowd. From marijuana infused edibles and CBD oil concentrates to topical pain salves, medicinal tinctures and vape accessories, chances are we have the printed cannabis packaging you need.

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420 Packaging and the Maturing of the Cannabis Market
How do you compete with the influx of 420 products entering the market? Anticipating legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, cannabis manufacturers have been flooding the market with marijuana related products. With little differentiation between competing products, how do you stand out from the “me too” crowd? You connect with your audience through packaging and branding.

Packaging for Cannabis Products
One of the key aspects of product packaging is it helps build your brand; consumers look for branded products, and will pay more for these products. The Box Co-op has been manufacturing marijuana product packaging for some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry for years. We understand the importance of branding – it’s more than just printing your product boxes, we help you build your brand.

What can we do for you?
We manufacture custom printed boxes with a focus on packaging for the marijuana market. High-end packaging is all about presentation; what you say and how you say it. And quality 420 packaging doesn’t need to be expensive to look expensive. We are specialists – getting the right blend of design and finishes that complements and enhances your products while building your brand. This is what separates your cannabis packaging from the crowd and sells product.

Medical marijuana products really do benefit from high-end printed box packaging. Simple packaging flourishes like spot UV coatings, image embossing and metallic foils produce stunning effects that attract attention, and sales, for your cannabis edibles, concentrates and extracts, vape cartridges, and other cannabis accessories. And when you’re trying to compete in a me-too sea of cannabis products, just being different creates waves.

Ask us how our custom box packaging can help your medical marijuana and cannabis products stand out from the 420 crowd.

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