Custom Soap Boxes

Custom printed soap packaging that shows your soap and release fragrances is an invitation to touch, feel, and smell your product. Soaps are one of the few products people want to experience before purchasing - rare in the retail world.


Increasing the perceived value of your soaps is the quickest way to increase profit. Cosmetics companies have been doing this for years for a reason; it works. They do it by using packaging to define how they want consumers to see their products. This is one aspect of branding, and most consumers will gravitate to the brand they know and like, and will pay more to get that brand. So, how do you get there?

Use your soap packaging to create the narrative

Your soaps are a premium product; market them as such. Retail product packaging is all about attracting attention, and quality printed packaging that attracts sells. Set the tone by using your bar soap packaging to attract, and create, a high-quality product narrative. Use a careful blend of elegant designs, simple, clear messaging, and creative packaging elements to create the perception of a higher-end luxury soap product.

Packaging flourishes add sophistication and elegance

Adding package flourishes such as UV finishing coats, metallic foils, and embossing, finishes typically seen on higher end product packaging, creates a more elegant soap box, and boost the perceived value of your soaps for very little cost. This creates a quality brand that lets you set, and get, a higher price point for your bar soaps.


Custom short-run soap box packaging just got less expensive. It’s not easy to get affordable, quality printed soap box packaging for small quantity, multiple version soaps. Our short-run digital box program was designed specifically with soap manufacturers in mind; providing an economical solution for packaging low volume bar soaps, hotel amenities packaging, or even private labeling soaps for other companies.

Bar soap packaging in a nutshell

Get the cost advantages of a larger run by aggregating your soap boxes. Soaps with different scents, ingredients, colors - as long as they are the same style and sized box, consolidate them for lower costs! We will sort and separate your soap packaging as we process your order. It’s an economical way to get high quality custom printed packaging for all your bar soaps.

Program Details:

  • High quality printed soap boxes on thick paper stock (18pt.)
  • Low cost benefits of longer runs
  • Printed box runs as low as 500 boxes
  • Soap box orders can be further subdivided into smaller lots
  • No additional cost for UV gloss - your choice of spot or flood coat UV

Digital box printing makes small quantity box runs affordable. And the quality of digitally printed boxes rival that of more conventional offset box printing, however digital printing offers so much more. Think short run, personalized product packaging. Want individually printed messages on each box? Digital can do it. Package prototyping? Yep, digital. Testing the market to find the most effective product packaging? Digital….again! In short, digitally printed boxes allow you to customize packaging in small quantities – even down to a single box!

Benefits of digital printed packaging:

  • Small quantity custom box printing
  • Product packaging prototypes
  • Personalized packaging
  • Market testing merchandise packaging – A/B testing
  • Quick turn-around
  • Affordable custom packaging
  • Private label packaging

Want to find out more about short run printed boxes? Give us a call and ask about our digital box packaging program!

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Printed bar soap packaging that is unique or implies luxury attracts attention, adds value and sells product. And soap packaging that tells a story is especially alluring to customers. Whether you’re packaging soaps for retail, or private labeling soaps and need small amenities packaging for hotels, custom soap boxes and sleeves give you the canvas to create that story.

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