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In the cosmetics and beauty industry, consumers judge products based on the quality of the packaging and cost of the product. Established cosmetic manufacturers know this and create value by elevating their printed packaging to imply quality. If your product packaging can infer qualities such as luxury, elegance, opulence and other attributes associated with high-end cosmetics, then the perceived value of your cosmetic product, and brand, increases. This results in more sales and higher profits. And retailers reward better selling products by placing them in premium retail locations to encourage more sales.

Creating cosmetic packaging that attracts and engages is certainly a powerful sales tool, and a necessary step to increasing profits. But product branding takes it to a whole new level.


Retail cosmetics can be a brutal environment – consumers give precious little time evaluating similar products before choosing one. Because of the nature of retail, you need to connect with the consumer – and quickly. So how does your skin care, anti-aging or wrinkle creams and serums stand out when you’re competing in a sea of me-too beauty products? Product packaging that attracts is certainly an advantage over your competition. But being a known brand can seal the deal!

Branding is how your company and products are perceived. It’s that intangible attribute the public associates with your company.

Positive branding will do more for your product sales than just about anything else, and your goal should be to create a desirable cosmetic brand. Consumers look for, and will pay more for, brands they know and like. Identify the attributes you’d like your cosmetic brand to be known for, be it luxury, quality, or value, then be consistent in how you strive to achieve these goals in everything you do, from printed product packaging to marketing, and even company culture. If you create a cosmetic and beauty brand that resonates with consumers, sales will follow.

Your beauty care products, while very important, is almost secondary to creating a desirable cosmetic brand that pays dividends again and again.


We consistently get requests from clients wanting to emulate Apple’s product packaging. Their custom product boxes are quite minimalist – very little text printed over a white box, with that famous Apple logo highlighted in an understated way using a simple spot matte UV. So, what is it about Apple’s product packaging that is so appealing?

It’s the simple, clean and elegant design that gives their printed packaging a sophisticated look and feel. These qualities are transferred to the product itself, and when coupled with what consumers associate with the Apple brand (sexy, quality, fun, ease of use), it’s an irresistible package that consumers can’t wait to open. And they are willing to pay a premium to get that product.

Apple created desire by designing their product packaging to imply luxury and exclusivity. This, coupled with the power of the Apple brand enabled them to command costs well above market value. The package printing tricks Apple used are simple, inexpensive, and highly effective.


While we can't help with all aspects of creating your company brand, The Box Co-op can certainly help in getting your printed box packaging there. After all, we spend our day creating custom cosmetic boxes designed to increase product value and help our clients sell their beauty products.

Quality, high-end cosmetic packaging doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive. Custom printed cosmetic boxes present more packaging opportunities to create perceived value and reach your audience than any other packaging solution. It’s the custom finishes added to your beauty packaging that elevates, and separates, your skin creams, lipsticks, blushes and other beauty products from the competition, and reinforces your brand. Simple, low-cost box flourishes and custom finishes that imply the qualities you’re looking for can be added for pennies and result in stunning product packaging that attract attention, and sales.

While there are many excellent retail packaging manufacturers that can help with your cosmetic product boxes, we are a different type of custom box manufacturer; our package printing specialists focus on designing custom box finishes that really make cosmetic products stand out on the shelf. We work in partnership with you to create custom boxes for your skin creams, perfumes, lotions and mascara using simple custom finishes and creative designs that imply luxury and increase the perceived value of your beauty products and, in turn, helps burnish your brand with consumers and increase sales.

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Luxury, elegance, and richness are attributes associated with high end cosmetic products. Cosmetics packaging can reflect these qualities by appealing to these emotions and desires.

High end cosmetic packaging need not be expensive. Printed cosmetic product boxes can imply quality and luxury though spot UV finishes and embossing for modest costs, which add perceived value to your cosmetic and beauty products, resulting in higher profits.

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