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The Box Co-op began as a happy accident. My name is John Green, president of the company. I was trained as a software engineer and worked many years in the defense field working on such programs as the Tomahawk cruise missile and B2-bomber ( the “flying wing”). Engineering appealed to my love of building things and sense of perfection. Although the projects I worked on were important, and to this day are a major underpinning of our country’s defense, ultimately they were unfulfilling. Because, after working for years on these projects, the systems we built had a very limited time in the sun. Like the final scene in the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” where the Ark of the Covenant is crated up and put into a giant government warehouse never to be seen again, that’s where our projects ended up.


While the story of how I ended up manufacturing custom boxes isn’t as interesting, I find the process, and the end product, of creating customized retail packaging more satisfying. It is just a different form of engineering: the precision fits, functionality, ease of use, and artistic beauty blend together to create a custom package that both works well and is visually appealing. The team behind your boxes has the same passions as I do, we all share in the pride of knowing that the custom boxes we create will be seen and used by many people. We stand behind you. While the masterpiece may be yours, it’s ours also.